About Us

About Us

What Is BikerFan?

Are you a Biker? We are your fans... We are BikerFan.
We provide motorcycle helmets and riding gear to Bikers, so they get the most out of your. We feature Scorpion EXO helmets and Helmet Accessories, Scorpion Jackets, Scorpion Gloves.
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Our Mission

We want our greatest achievement to be a more informed and connected motorcycle community. In the coming months we plan to release our collaborative project, The aim is to create a place where bikers can share information and thier love for the open road with others, by discussing Harleys, Crotch-Rockets and Choppers with other Motorheads.
Search and post bike events near you or organize rides and meet-ups in your area. Join our world and stay connected and discover what’s going on in your local biker community.

Enhance your Fanhood!